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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


It is usually difficult to decide what to write about each month, and this month is no exception. It is not because there are too few things to report, but rather too many items to choose from. This year I went to the Denver show, the National in Marlborough, the Western Regional show in Visalia and the Central ...                    [more]



   by Bill Meier


An Introduction

This ongoing column will provide you with ways that you can use your computer to "enhance" your insulator collecting experience. I will try to stay away from that "techie" talk; if you want all the nitty-gritty, you ...                    [more]


"New" Stuff From "Old" Bridge

   by David W. Sztramski


Here is some new stuff I would like to share with Crown Jewels of the Wire subscribers and insulator collectors. First is a new C.D. I located the piece in October 1994 at the Brookfield factory site in Old Bridge, New Jersey. It has since been assigned C.D. 175.5 by N.R. Woodward.

...                    [more]


The CD 782 - What Is It?



Since the discovery of the CD 782 several years ago, collectors have been puzzled about its unique design and practical application as an insulator. To further complicate the puzzle, when the insulator was viewed normal (skirt down) the embossing M.T.Co. was upside down! (See photo below.)

...                    [more]


H.G.Co. Petticoat Beehives

   by H.G. "Bea" Hyve


A Closer Look - Part 2

The nickname "beehive" was never used by Samuel Oakman in his patent spec. John C. Tibbitts introduced the designation in 1967. Oakman referred to this shape as a "paraboloid traversed by an equatorial groove ...                    [more]


Emergency Strain Insulators

   by Alan Drew


Alan's background is comprised of 35 years in the electric utility field which has included working as a lineman, an engineer, and his current position of General Superintendent for the local Public Utility District. He is presently undertaking a significant research project regarding the technical evolution of ...                    [more]






Relative to John Lewis' letter in the December 1995 issue. Here's the price sheet I received in May of 1955. Just a bit of inflation here...but that's 40 years ago. 

N.R. Woodward
Houston, TX                                                                ...                    [more]

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