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Patent Office

   by Dick Bowman


W. E. SIMONDS’ Telegraph Insulator

The insulator model of a telegraph insulator patented November 26, 1867 by W.E. Simonds, along with the papers, were acquired by me late this past spring in New England after having seen the model earlier in the year near Buffalo, New ...                    [more]


Raiders Of The Lost Pony

   by Dennis Hackthorne


Raiders Of The Lost Pony

If you have collected insulators for any length of time, you have chased the wild goose. Stories like, “A working E.C.& M. on every pole”, or “I have a box full of purple insulators in storage”. If you are like me, you are ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



Yup, you guessed it. Bernie Warren made a return trip to France shortly before the National Show in Long Beach, California, the weekend of July 19-20 and came home with six new FOLEMBRAY styles, plus several embossing and color variations of existing CD’s made by other French manufacturers. He cleaned ...                    [more]


Georgia Rural Telegraph Museum

   by Ken Musson


LESLIE, Ga. — From the days of communication instruments which were little more than tin cans linked by a taut string to today’s telephones using Telstar space satellites, the history of telephones is displayed in a recently-opened museum in a tiny south Georgia town.

...                    [more]

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