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Advertising through the Ages

   by Bob Stahr


Several months ago I ran across a previously undiscovered electrical publication. I thought that, between the hours of library research spent by either Elton Gish or myself, just about every known advertising journal had been found. Wrong!

What I found was the August, 1922 issue of Electrical Record, Volume 32, No. ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


In November 1971 CJ, Jack Tod responded to an ever-growing number of questions about the value of multipart insulators and why they were not in any books:

“I know of no collector who is attempting to make a general collection of the multipart styles. He would have to own his own railroad train to mail them ...                    [more]


Radio Strains aren't as bad as they sound!

   by Dan Howard



I had been collecting radio antenna insulators and lightning arresters for about fifteen years when I was informed that what I really collected was “radio strains” - truly a name that only a mother could love. Well, I am pleased to have this opportunity to take a break from my other “job,” editing Old ...                    [more]

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