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A New Insulator

W.E. Simonds, of Hartford, Conn., has invented an insulator on the principle suggested in THE JOURNAL of June 1. A description has been sent us, but without cuts, which however, are unnecessary. Beneath the bell of the ordinary glass ...                    [more]



   by Louis Bornman


How lovely are thy 42’s?

The photo is of a Christmas decoration I saw in Weston, Missouri over the 1995 Christmas holidays. Although I did not get to see the “tree” lighted at night, I can imagine that it probably looked really neat. There is a string (or ...                    [more]


November Leftovers - The Bird That Lost Its Stuffing...

   by Carol McDougald


I got in a hurry and left some of the “stuff” out of the November 1996 issue’s article “Radio Strains aren’t as bad as they sound!” Dan Howard had very specific information about the cover photograph and I forgot to include it in the article. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to work so many months in advance. ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers




Richard Selleh of Thompsons, Texas, wrote me several weeks ago to describe a very large glass insulator in his collection. Judging from the measurements and photos of the piece I was pretty sure it was going to need a new CD number, but ...                    [more]


Marvin & Michelle’s Big Adventure, Part II

   by Marvin Suggs


To Catch a Falling Star

My girlfriend Michelle and I had been collecting insulators for a couple of months when our next big adventure came along. We were anxious to discover other insulator hunting grounds, so we bought a County Map book from the Highway ...                    [more]


December's Cover



Almost everyone associates the holiday season with a cute, pleasantly stuffed "Teddy Bear." So, this month's cover goes right to the source! The koala is probably Australia's favorite animal. It is known affectionately as the Australian teddy bear although there are a dozen names to ...                    [more]


Bea Lines

   by H.G. "Bea" Hyve



This will be my last “Bea Lines”, and it is with great pleasure that I am able to finish my 11 years of writing this column by interviewing Mr. N. R. Woodward of Houston, Texas. Having begun with the Milhollands in June 1985, it ...                    [more]


“Bea Lines” Says Goodbye



This is my last interview for “Bea Lines”, and I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the hobby in this way. I have had the pleasure of knowing personally all 33 collectors interviewed in 26 articles (some stories were on couples). I chose high as well as low profile people; dealers, authors, ...                    [more]

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