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The Indo-European Telegraph Via Caucasus



by Andre Karbelashvili
The First Deputy Minister of Communications
of the Republic of Georgia

A thin metal post with the English inscription “Siemens London Patent” stands on the beach of a picturesque Black Sea resort Gagra (Georgia). Guests often wonder: how did it turn up here? The origin of this post is equally ...                    [more]


May Cover



Proving brown glaze is beautiful and that porcelain shapes can be intriguing, this trio is living proof. Insulators belong to Bob Stahr and were photographed by John McDougald.                                                    
...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


We first reported M-2495 in November 1995. This odd, long-skirted multipart is the cousin to M-2395. I am not sure of the manufacturer of M-2395, but Thomas made the M-2495. The square-edged crown and “blue-jean seams” inside the bottom skirt are very characteristic. Soon after reading the November 1995 PIN ...                    [more]

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