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What’s IN There?

   by Mike Guthrie, West Coast Correspondent


In the May 1995 issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire, an article on “ramshorn” insulators appeared with a number of photos of the different varieties of these early telegraph pieces.

Unfortunately, the photos did not reveal much about the internal appearance ...                    [more]


The Canadian Commemorative Insulator Project

   by Mark Lauckner


Several factors prompted me to proceed with making a dream become reality. For years I had thought about producing some sort of insulator commemorative. All I really needed was a date to commemorate. I actually made a rubber mold for the (1993) 100th anniversary of the drip point patent, and wanted to make a few ...                    [more]


Canadian Wade Insulators

   by Paul M. Plunkett


Since the beginning of our family’s addiction to collecting glass insulators, the “WADE STYLE” has been one of our favorites. It all started when trekking an old line in Ohio with my wife, Ginny and son, Paul (Skip), we were very surprised to find the top of a CD 723 Wade. This was a great stretch ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


In the March 1996 “Porcelain Insulator News”, we discussed incuse MP markings on U-152 and U-610A. This marking is uncommon on U-152 and rare on U-610A. A number of unmarked U-152’s were reported in April 1996 Rainbow Riders to have been found on an extension of the Missouri Pacific railroad line ...                    [more]





Tall Mud Story

After seeing big mud for two months in a row in this column, I Just had to send mine in too! This is a 6' long 4-part wall tube, being modeled here by a friend, Ron Meuse of Victoria. BC. We secured three of these from the power ...                    [more]


Recent Dig Yields Wood-Covered CD 724.3 Insulators

   by Morgan Davis


This is the story about the discovery of a group of wood-covered Chester Wade type insulators CD 724.3. Six specimens were unearthed in the early summer of 1995 in the heart of downtown Toronto, which proved to be the six best preserved examples known to the hobby. Prior to this find, the best CD 724.3 with its ...                    [more]


From the Editor's Desk



We're back after a long vacation. Over 6,500 miles in the purple Chevy Blazer, stops along the way to see nearly 40 collectors and subscribers, mountains, deserts, ferry boats, 7 hours of flying time, 50 antique shops. This list goes on. I never fell asleep once on that trip and John and I talked like ...                    [more]

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