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Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



The white porcelain insulator you see in the two photos below has been in my collection for several years and has always intrigued me. In the spring of 1990, Jack Todd made a scale drawing of this piece and classified it as U-2028, but it ...                    [more]


Why I should...



"Why I should carry a cross-arm when I hunt insulators...,"
said Bob Jones of Lynchburg, Virginia.

This could be bad, I thought in that moment the water rose above my boot.... very bad!.. .as my knee disappeared into the murky water. Just how deep could ...                    [more]


A Good Example of Continuing Research and Discovery are KERR Insulators



As a follow up to an article in the February 1997 "Crown Jewels of the Wire" by Mike Harris regarding the Kerr DP1 Saudi insulators with the flat top, and referencing the Kerr information in "Insulators: A History and Guide to North American Pintype Insulators" states that near the end (1975) of Kerr making glass insulators, flat top variations came out due to ...                    [more]


The Mysterious Southern Porcelain Company

   by Jon E. Wreb


The search for Kaolin, S.C. began while thumbing through a 1973 edition of Old Battle Magazine. In the "Insulator News Notes" section, a short article entitled "Rebel Insulators" caught my eye. It stated, "At least one source of Confederate insulators is now known. Researcher Vivian ...                    [more]

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