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The General Electric Company Porcelain Factory and the U-701

   by Ed Sewall


The General Electric Company (GE), one of the pioneers of electrical transmission in this country, was also involved in the manufacturing of some of the earliest domestic porcelain power pin-type insulators. Unfortunately, documenting GE insulator production is difficult since there are no known ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


In May 1997 Crown Jewels of the Wire, we discussed the Hewlett suspension insulator and the Ohio Brass link strain insulator. Both styles of O-B link strain were shown on page 24. The older version with the flat sides and relatively sharp flange edges was shown in the 1912 O-B catalog and the more ...                    [more]


How to "THIN" an Insulator Collection

   by Jack Snyder


I generally pay more attention to my collection in the winter months. That's when shows are far and few between and the fall London, Ohio show is but a memory. The cold nights and short daylight have me lapsing into beliefs that I should whittle down the collection. I methodically inspect each piece. Over the ...                    [more]


The Rare Gingerbread "Mommas" CD 641, CD 641.2 and CD 645

   by Bernard Warren


French glass gingerbread insulators are one of the most easily recognized and the most collected of all foreign insulators. Many glass collections will have one or two of the small CD 640 "boys" or the large CD 642 "men" included because of their appealing shape. These small ...                    [more]


Changing Glass Colors with Irradiation



I recently ordered a copy of the December 1997, Vol. 6 #12 issue of Antique & Collectors Reproduction News. You may want to order the issue as well. The cover article addresses the problem facing many glass collectibles, including insulators, when irradiation produces "rare" and "unlisted" ...                    [more]


From the Editor's Desk



What used to be?

How many times do you reflect upon "what used to be"? Having just spent time with family and friends during a season filled with traditions, I am sure that many thoughts of "what used to be" crossed your minds during ...                    [more]

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