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www.All Hemingrays Great and Small

   by Gayner "Ted" Armstrong


featuring BILL and JILL MEIER

Whereas most of the collectors featured in these pages have multiple decades of collecting under their belts, this in not quite the case with Bill and Jill Meier. However, considering that they have been active in the insulator ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



The collection of W. Keith Neal of Guernsey, Channel Islands, gathered together over many years time, included some of the most rare and unique insulators in existence. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this ...                    [more]



   by Gustavo Coll - Montevideo, Uruguay


What you see in the picture below is a nest, painstakingly constructed by a bird name "Hornero" (Furnarius rufus). The Spanish name could loosely be translated as "Oven Maker".

The nests are made over several days using mud and pieces of straw and its constructor manages, nearly always, to ...                    [more]


Showing Insulators in HAWAII

   by P. Qunetin Tomich


As a resident collector in Hawaii since 1969, I have been disappointed that the hobby has never really taken off. The other side of the coin is that competition for finds in the field is nil. Collectors are few and scattered over the islands. Yearly subscription to Crown Jewels of the Wire have run about 3 to ...                    [more]


Thames Glass Works Insulator -- REVISITED!!

   by Kevin Lawless & Doug MacGillvary


In 1975, the Skinner's Auction House, in Bolton, Massachusetts, sold at auction one of the most celebrated collections of bottles in that hobby's history - the Charlie Gardner collection! The late Mr. Gardner was a pioneer collector of historic bottles and, as a resident of Connecticut, amassed some ...                    [more]

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