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A Dinosaur's View of Collecting



For a number of years now, this hobby has been involved in a period of unrest, and ongoing exchanges of accusations, innuendo and occasional assaults on personal character.

Thirty five years in this hobby have passed for me, and certain opinions have evolved concerning this hobby. I would like to share these with you at ...                    [more]


Mac's Believe It Or Not!

   by John McDougald (1st article) and Bob Stahr (2nd article)


In my October 1997 column, I shared with you the discovery of an interesting insulator (well, MOST of the insulator) by Darin Cochran of Indianapolis, Indiana. The cable top looked like a No.3 Cable (CD 254), but the base looked more like a Hemingray-23 or -24 (CD's 241 and CD 241.2 respectively) or possibly ...                    [more]


Scratches From A Hacksaw

   by Mike Miller


The well watered Wet Mountain Valley, lying to the East of the stately Sangre de Cristo mountain range, had begun to be settled in the late 1860s by farmers and stockmen. In J 872 it was found that the low hills to the east of the valley contained lead and silver sulfide (Galena and Argentite) The town, that sprang ...                    [more]


Jewels in the Rough: The Turning Basin CD 213s

   by Bob Machann (for Vicky and Melinda)


Houston, Texas is an industrial city, especially on its east side. Major streets and highways in the area are lined with factories, plants, refineries, and mills. Serving these businesses are many miles of railroad track -- with lines. Among these tracks was the former Southern Pacific main line that cut through ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


In the November 1997 CJ PIN column we discussed a "new" multipart that was assigned M-2999. It had the marking "Victor R=oo" on the top skirt. I have been informed by the original owner that this insulator should not have been assigned a M-number. He found the top skirt and bottom skirt about ten ...                    [more]

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