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CD162 H.G.CO. - Embossing In Transition

   by Gary Kline


Part I

I had been collecting H.G.CO. and Hemingray signals for their color for a few years when I decided to arrange my shelves according to their embossing styles just to see how many different types I had. I started out by separating the H.G.CO. embossed pieces from the Hemingray/patent date, ...                    [more]





Ref. 150 Years of Hemingrays, 1848 - 1998 Bob Stahr, Advertising Through the Ages Editor Crown Jewels of the Wire, June 1998

Dear Carol: 

First, I want to express my appreciation to Bob Stahr for his efforts in preparing the referenced article. I find it exceptionally well ...                    [more]


My Trip to the Antique Shop

   by David A. Watkins


Recently, I called an antique shop located about an hour's drive from my home near Pittsburgh, P A. I had gotten some CD 162 Stars in a nice yellow-green for $1.00 apiece a while back, and the proprietor had said to call periodically to see if he had gotten in any new pieces. When I talked to him this time, he said ...                    [more]

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