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Celebrating Our 30th Year



THE EDITOR: Dora Harned of Chico, California originated INSULATORS, Crown Jewels of the Wire in March, 1969. "With no capital, a handful of insulator collectors' names and addresses, a printer willing to take a flyer and a borrowed typewriter, we started in a corner of our living room. I believe ...                    [more]


Isolateur de Marseilles

   by Michael "Polecat" Doyle


We felt a gentle nudge shiver through Saipan's hull as the brightly colored harbor tugs with their grumbling diesels churned out the salt water froth and urged our 40,000 ton warship closer to its awaiting berth in Marseilles, France. The shrill of the Boatswain's pipe echoed through the ship's passages and ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


Bob Kay reported an unusual pair of markings on U-400B. Most of you are probably asking, "What is U-400B?" This is a good time to report this new style. For those who have the Value Guide for Unipart and Porcelain Insulators, you can find the scale drawing on page 101. The first and only ...                    [more]


Display of the Month



Crown Jewels of the Wire -- "Insulator Web Site"

Rick Shea and Joann McBrine of West Bolton, Quebec coined the caption for their backyard display. Note the huge spider web below the crossarm and to the left of the upright pole. They added, "it's the only squirrel-proof bird ...                    [more]


The Find of a Lifetime

   by Paul Ziemer


What does the Pacific Northwest Mustang Club and 
collecting insulators have in common?

Well.... on one sunny autumn day in 1997 .... plenty. For those of you who do not know me, our family has two types of ponies. The first kind is the type that ...                    [more]

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