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The Adventures of Robert "Bavarian Bob" Tucker

   by Robert and Syndia Tucker


The quiet stillness drapes the sheer rock walls that jut skyward in powerful majesty, defying the laws of nature with their serene heights while the gentle snows of winter silently fall and wrap the living things frozen in delicate white crystals; yet even the crags seem to shiver from the winter nymph's ...                    [more]


Tales of a Buckeye

   by Gayner "Ted" Armstrong


Rick Soller embarked upon his collecting career at the ripe old age of ten. Rick's childhood visits to an uncle in New Lexington, OH who lived near the New York Central railroad often culminated in a trip to the tracks with his brothers. There the boys would put pennies on the rails, hoping to retrieve ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


We have a mixed bag to share with you this month. Two are unusual pin-type insulators and the rest are non-pin-type insulators you don't often see. Hopefully, many of you have never seen them and will now become more informed. You probably know by now that there is seemingly an endless variety of porcelain ...                    [more]






Once again our hearts are saddened by the loss of a pioneer collector, hobby enthusiast, and very good friend. Bob Adams of Miami, Florida, passed away on 17 May. On 2 February he suffered a stroke, and then had a heart attack a few days ...                    [more]


The Mighty Mini Poles

   by Steve Kella


The mini poles started out about six or seven years ago when trying to make a display to go along with my insulator collection. The poles were built to show how different transmission and distribution insulators were used. 

The first poles were quite basic when I look back at some of the photos I've take of them. ...                    [more]

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