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Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


The first insulator we will report this month is one I acquired a few years ago. The crown is unusual in that the cutout under the cable groove is pointed. At first I thought this was a new style but a search of the U-Chart showed it to be U-570. The drawing in the U-Chart does not show the crown detail because it ...                    [more]


An Ontario Adventure

   by Rich Wentzel


The morning dawned much milder than one would expect for mid-October in southern Ontario. I, a New Jersey based collector accustomed to empty or nonexistent pole lines, had been lured north by the promise of glass still in the air.

My host, Bruce Templeton of Holland Landing, assured me that we WOULD find ...                    [more]


Two Brown Ponies

   by Vic Sumner


The north wind, we call them the Santa Anas, was howling down the face of the San Bernardino Mountains and right up the back of my flimsy jacket that cold day in December 1948. 

Our Pacific Telephone & Telegraph line gang was wrecking an open wire line that had been built about 1905 by the long-gone Union Home ...                    [more]


Hey Dad! There's Gold On Them There Poles!!

   by Greg Hafer


The day started out to be just another typical Sunday for me. My family had returned home from church and Mom was in the kitchen cleaning up after Sunday dinner. The usual boredom was starting to set in for my brothers and me when Dad suggested that we go hunting for insulators along a stretch of tracks between ...                    [more]


Austro-Hungarian Telegraph Iron Clad Insulator

   by Guido Boreani


I have been an insulator collector since the late 1950's and have only recently discovered Crown Jewels of the Wire.

It is my desire to share with all my collector friends the unusual and unknown (maybe to them) insulators in my collection in the hope that it will be ...                    [more]


A Hyacinth for the Soul

   by H.G. "Bea" Hyve


The title of this article is connected to going to shows. How, you might ask? Well, your question will be answered shortly. I got the idea for this story from Tim Sternke's letter to the editor in the July 1992 issue of Crown Jewels of the Wire, page. 5. It set me to thinking about shows, so I thought I'd put down a ...                    [more]

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