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Collecting Foreign Insulators On The Great Plains of the U.S.A.

   by David J. Reynolds


Well, they are all foreign to this collector who, in June 1998, was a 'Brit abroad' and so took the opportunity to go insulator hunting while staying with friends near Oklahoma City. This article recounts the insulator dimension to the two-and-a-half week period, my fifth trip to the United States but only the ...                    [more]


Insulator Hunting With The Farmer's Market Bulletin

   by Ed Overstreet


Rare is the insulator collector who is content with the number of insulators he/she has today. Almost all of us want to add to our collections. There are various ways to do this: antique shops, insulator club meetings, flea markets, yard sales, eBay, walking railroad lines, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. 

...                    [more]


Sicily - Land of the T-Bar

   by John Nasci


My first trip to Sicily in 1998 was more devoted to meeting my Sicilian relatives than searching for insulators. The fact was that even if I wanted to go hunting for Sicilian insulators, I would not have time for it. I spent most of the trip meeting over 100 of my Sicilian relatives and eating one delicious ...                    [more]

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