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The Birth of an Insulator

   by Mark Lauckner


The way that insulators are conceived and born often result in unique characteristics that us collectors like, (not like us collectors). From my experience making approximately 1000 old threadless-shaped commemorative insulator paperweights, I have witnessed all of the little problems that ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


I had a wonderful time at the Enumclaw show this past May with Mt. Rainier looking spectacular Saturday under clear skies. This was Vi Brown's last sponsorship of the 30-year show which she and her husband, Andy, have made a long tradition. I heard that someone has volunteered to sponsor the show next ...                    [more]


Wood You Believe?



The story behind this month's cover photograph began when I received an e-mail and attached photo in January from Mark Reutebuch regarding an interesting wooden insulator model about which he wanted information. I suggested that Elton Gish be contacted regarding patent information and that ...                    [more]


Mac's Believe It Or Not!

   by John McDougald


CD 103 - A Solid Pony

I've always been a little bit partial to the CD 103. It is a solidly built insulator, combining the best features of CD 101 (the deep wire groove) and CD 104 (the flared skirt). In spite of the fact that it was manufactured by two ...                    [more]

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