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NATIONAL - Threadless Porcelain



Doug MacGillvary, Manchester, Connecticut
Dr. Fredrick L. Griffin Memorial Award for Best Use of Threadless 
Best Exhibit using Eastern Insulators

Doug says: I have been collecting porcelain threadless for about seven years. ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - CD 152: The King of CDs and the CD of Kings



David French, St. Paul, Minnesota
NIA Award for Specialty

The CD 152 style was adopted by Western Union as their standard insulator in 1911, replacing the CD 145. Around this same time, Western Electric (AT&T) adopted it as their standard insulator replacing the CD 121. This was the first ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


Some of you have been collecting insulators for a few decades and may think you are in the running for the person who has collected insulators the longest - as limited to collectors in the U.S. We all know Keith Neal in England was probably the first insulator collector in about 1915. N. R. "Woody" ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Miniature Poles and Insulators



Alan Stastny, Arcanum, Ohio

Alan says: For 10 years I have been active in the insulator hobby and 33-1/2 years as a lineman. The many different aspects of the utility industry are great. Insulators have been plentiful and of many styles and colors. The pole ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Insulators Of North America -and- Show Highlights



Dean Lommen, East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Dean says: I started collecting in 1969. It was the sparkle of the glass and the lure of a great hobby that attracted me. My high school science teacher asked me one day if I would like to go with him to get some insulators. That is ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Fancy Colors



Terry Kornberg, Andover, Minnesota

The only thing more colorful than Terry's shirt, was his beautiful display of colorful insulators.

Terry says: I've been collecting color for about six years now. I found my first insulator when I was working as a telephone installer -- just a common CD ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Pony Express



Clay Bledsoe, Titusville, Florida

"Ponies" were used mainly to carry telephone and telegraph lines during a period of time from the late 1880's until the mid-1900's and can sometimes still be seen on lines in rural areas. They are found mostly in shades ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Glass Insulators From Russia And Ukraine



Marilyn Albers, Houston, Texas 
NIA Award for Foreign

Russian is the third most widely spoken European language, after English and Spanish, and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The Russian and Ukrainian languages both belong to the eastern branch of the Slavic ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Shades of Amber - Hemingray Jewels



Bob Stahr, St. John, Indiana
NIA Award for Color

According to some definitions, the color amber is "yellow or yellowish brown". When it comes to Hemingray, amber can mean a lot of things. There are at least a dozen distinct colors of CD 162 H.G.Co. signals. In addition, you can ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Just Another Afternoon Digging Insulators



Justin Behrens, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Heartbreakers - That is the topic I chose for this display. Most of my collecting has been done at a dump site where I have had a chance to find lots of interesting pieces of glass. However, most are damaged and are not ...                    [more]





James Doty, Simi Valley, California

A colorful assortment of the CD 101 Brookfield "mushroom-top" pony style used in rural telephone construction is one of the specialty CDs that James has collected. James is one of the regulars who always shares a display at ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Watthour Meters



David Dahle, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
NIA Award for Go-Withs 
Milholland Education Award presented by the NIA

The watthour meter has played a key role in the development of today's electric transmission and distribution system. Before meters caught on, some ...                    [more]


Advertising Through the Ages

   by Bob Stahr


Here is an interesting ad out of Pottery & Glassware Reporter, March 7, 1889, page 23. The Pioneer Glass Company of Birmingham, Alabama included insulators as one of their product lines along with sodas, beer bottles, flasks and fruit jars.                                                                                                      
...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Cleaning Your Insulator



Russ Frank, McHenry, Illinois
NIA Award for General

There are may different ways to clean insulators. For just plain dirt you can just wash it off with soap and water with a Scotch Brite or similar pad. For sticker residue, a solvent like GOOF OFF (xylene) works well. But the problem ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Why I Collect Insulators



Curtis Erickson, Royal Oak, Michigan 
NIA Junior Display Award 
Best First Time Displayer by the CFIC 
Best Exhibit Using CDs by DJIC

There are four reasons I collect insulators. I like the different manufacturers and it is a challenge to try and get one example of each company ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - A Trip Around Lake Superior



Insulators of the Lake Superior Basin 
Larry Furo, Duluth, Minnesota 
Showmanship Award presented by Bob & Phoebe Adams






Bruce Konold, Eagen, Minnesota

Bruce says: I began collecting almost two years ago. I found a line of Lynchburgs and I got hooked. My desire increased when I purchased some Dominions and a two-tone Hemingray. Then it was off to Zicme's and whatever colorful, rare ...                    [more]


Y2K National Show Report July 28-30,2000

   by Carol McDougald


"Heap big wampum exchanged between many warriors in the Hall of Tribes at Thunderbird Resort in Bloomington, Minnesota. 

Y2K Chieftains extremely happy with number of peacock feathers brought for admission to pow-pow. 

Big Chief ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - How To Identify A Pittsburg Insulator



Rick Soller, Gurnee, Illinois 
NIA Award for Porcelain 
Best Exhibit Using Power Insulators by GCIC

Very few insulators are actually marked Pittsburg, yet Pittsburg made a vast range of styles. Color, a mold line over the dome, an unglazed pinhole, a dimple ...                    [more]


NATIONAL - Fornasetti Decorated Insulators



Rick Soller, Gurnee, Illinois

According to Mauries' Fornasetti: Designer of Dreams, Piero Fornasetti made paperweights with electrical insulators in 16 designs. The display contains six of the known designs. Fornasetti used porcelain insulators (U-1668 and U-1714) ...                    [more]

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