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Subscriber Ray Heim of Wonder Lake, Illinois, had a friend who attended a showing at the Art Institute of Chicago. The cover of the program was a photograph of a sculpture, "Aquatic Light", by senior student Rebecca Dickson. Ray thought it would be a great cover for Crown Jewels of the Wire

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"Mr. Brewer's van goes up and down, up and down, up and down."

   by students at Open Door Christian Academy, Wattsburg, PA


Eastern Regional Show 
        by Jessica Hays 
I went to the insulator show with my teacher, Mr. Brewer. Five other classmates went along for the ride. We left Union City at 5:00 in the morning. We arrived at the museum at around 8:30. We ...                    [more]


Book Review



I have just read Fred Padgett's Wood Amongst the Wires -- The Temporary Solution, and it can be described in one word: BRILLIANT! This book tells us a lot about Fred, even before we open it; it is a mark of his staunch loyalty to his friends, one of Fred's "trademarks". Co-author Walter P. Ruedrich ...                    [more]





Where Telephone Men Fight Storm

The ramifications of science are erected about us, and for the most part they shield us from inconvenience. Yet, now and again, the forces of nature tear down the walls and let in confusion. Then comes reconstruction, which is one of the ...                    [more]


From The Land of Enchantment to the Cornhuskers' Fields

   by Carol McDougald


Upon arriving back home to Chicagoland after the Washington Court House, Ohio show this fall, I totaled up the number of miles traveled since the first week of May attending various hobby-related events. I had driven over 14,000 miles! As far east as Washington, DC and Corning, New York and Boise, Idaho and ...                    [more]

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