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Hunting Insulators in the Mississippi Mud

   by Charles Bibb


I once worked for a man who's favorite saying was "Never assume nothin"', and over the years that bit of advice has proven to be of remarkable value. That wise man's axiom coupled with my own natural curiosity has led me on an incredible insulator adventure, which is still unfolding three years after it ...                    [more]


Mac's Believe It or Not!

   by John McDougald


UNBELIEVABLE INSTALLATION: Inside a substation in Illinois, linemen found installed over 50 of the carnival CD 233 Pyrex insulators using only twine to attach the 4-ought copper wire. Installers then coated the twine with shellac to seal the connection.                                               

...                    [more]


A Mallorcan Visit

   by John Nasci


I had just returned from a successful trip to Sicily in late July where I was able to retrieve four FIDENZA multi-parts (which have been recently given the new designation of CD 378.7), when I received an E-mail from my Mallorcan friend Magdalena. Over the past three years of our friendship, she had been trying to ...                    [more]

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