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Collecting For Fun

   by Dennis Stewart


This is hopefully just the first in a series of articles directed at new collectors. I have witnessed new collectors at our local swap meets that are generally overwhelmed with the volume of sensory overload now available through publications, price guides, catalogs and internet auctions and web sites. We old ...                    [more]


A tribute to the life of Douglas G. Henderson



Last night as I was looking out the window into the dark, I watched the mist creep around the house. The fireflies danced in the bushes and the drops of rain tap, tap, tapped off the roof. "This is Dad," I thought. "This is what he loved. This is where he will forever live." 

...                    [more]





From the creative and imaginative mind of Carol Kerns (Dallas, Texas), another of her electronic fantasies - "World-wide Insulator Society Valentine Dance" - graces this month's cover. With the permission of Bill Meier, webmaster or www.insulators.com, Carol downloaded some of the rare sweethearts posted at the site for her development of the Valentine theme.

...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


This month I am finally reporting on two similar and equally rare insulators. Both are two-part insulators but not transpositions. They were designed to eliminate the tie-wire by clamping the conductor between the two halves in a serrated groove formed in the face of the bottom half. In fact, both ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



The insulator you see here was found in the city of Vardon, Hungary by a fellow insulator collector named Zoltan Drinoczy, who discovered a small but very old power line in the process of being rebuilt. He remembers seeing some ...                    [more]


Review of New Bi-annual Publication: Power Line Explorer Journal

   By Elton Gish


Last year Ed Sewall decided to embark on a dream to start a publication that would preserve the history of old power lines and the insulators found along those lines. The culmination of Ed's dream is the Power Line Explorer Journal (PLEJ). His love of collecting multipart porcelain insulators, suspension insulators, ...                    [more]


Dale Perrie Guidry 1940-2000



When I received a letter from Dale's mother Hazel in December telling me that Dale had passed away, I couldn't believe it. It was a shock, not only because he was relatively young, but because he had been such a good friend for almost 30 years. Wes and I first met Dale when a local club was formed in the San Diego ...                    [more]


Mac's Believe It Or Not!

   by John McDougald


The Bullet

CD 133.4, known as the "bullet" and third in the early Hemingray line of threaded low voltage styles, has been a popular style for collectors for many years. It has a lot of history, simply because it was put in service nearly ...                    [more]

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