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Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



Collector Bernie Warren has a interesting story to tell about the little glass insulator known as CD 528 and he has allowed me to include it in this month's column on foreign insulators, so here we go. . . . .

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H.G.CO. Petticoat Beehive

   by Paul L. Rosenberger


Like all other ventures, the collecting of insulators has been a combined effort on the part of myself, my son Paul and daughter Paula.

It didn't take long for us to decide on specializing on a CD more common to our area. This proved to be CD 145 H.G.CO. PETTICOAT beehives. 

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100 Days in the Mojave

   Edited by John A. Buchholz


April - July, 1929
The Memories of Lester L. Buchholz (1908-1991)

In 1928, with a tent, some pots and pans, six spare tires and two mandolins, my father, then 20, and his brother John, 25 - both unemployed - struck out from Geneva, New York, in a Model T Ford to find work in Florida.

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H.G.CO. Petticoat Beehive - Color Insert

   by Paul L. Rosenberger


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