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Insulators in the Air



Several years ago I found a round of 25 oak sidepins (originally purchased in 1911 by Walsenberg Utility) and recently came upon some pristine Hemingray 10s, l2s and 9s.                                                     
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Mountain Mud Multis

   by Howard Banks


Seven members of the Jefferson State Insulator Club spent a Saturday in July last summer hiking steep mountain terrain searching for insulator treasures. 

Club members were pursuing tales of an abandoned power line that towered straight up mountain bluffs, with glass insulators rumored to still be on the ...                    [more]





Early Morning Danish!

The photos were taken in the town of Ejby, west of the city of Odense, Denmark, on the island of Fyn. One photo was taken next to Kanalvejen ("way to, or by, the canal"); the other is taken near the town square. Today, Ejby is a town of about 10,000 inhabitants.                                      

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Like Rattlesnakes, Gold Nuggets and Large Trout, Good Insulators Are Where You Find Them

   by Fred Padgett


I received a call from Jon Green, an old friend of mine, one Friday evening in the not too distant past, and by the unbridled excitement in Jon's voice, I could tell immediately that something big was up. 

Jon and I first met in the summer of 1971 when I went to work for him as a printing press operator in a ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


You have probably already noticed Bill Rohde's beautiful photograph on the cover. Maybe you haven't noticed the concentric rings under the top skirts. Both insulators are M-4415 made by Thomas around 1905 to 1912. We know Thomas made them during this time period because they have the characteristic Thomas ...                    [more]


Mac's Believe It or Not!

   by John McDougald



The editor and I have had the opportunity to visit hundreds of collectors and collections over the past 30 years in addition to attending hundreds of insulator shows. I have often said that I have never visited a collector or a ...                    [more]


A Trip Back in Time

   by Lisa McHugh


I recently had the honor of becoming reacquainted with someone from my childhood. I remembered having admired this person for the interesting life she led, and as I introduced my daughter, Livia, to her, I came to know here in a new light.

My "friend" wasn't physically present when Livia met her, ...                    [more]


Jewels of the Great War



The year was 1916. An angry war raged in Europe and above the small town of San Pedro in California, construction crews were busy building massive gun emplacements to protect the Los Angeles Harbor below. Battery Osgood-Farley at Fort MacArthur was one of many "Coastal Defense Sites" built during ...                    [more]

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