2002 >> November  

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Mac's Believe It or Not!

   by John McDougald



It sure is hard to keep Gramma Mac at home these days! She is "on a mission". You would think she had already given up the job as editor of Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine! Well, she has one more issue, but she has ...                    [more]


They Had To!

   by Mike Miller


Dear Research Division Editor 
Crown Jewels 
In a letter in the February 1972 Crown Jewels, a certain Chris Hedges of Kansas City, Missouri mentions having an unembossed sun-colored amethyst CD 121 with tiny crosshatching on the skirt that ...                    [more]


Crystal Village



A battered sign assured me! was at the Crystal Village. A thick chain dragged on the ground between two posts and the sun glimmered on the sides of structures that seemed to sprout among the weeds. There was no one about. Traffic roared by on Highway 3. The door of the church smacked methodically against its jamb like a lazy ...                    [more]


I Really Go for Go-Withs

   by Roger Lucas


I've collected insulators for about 25 years now and it wasn't until exploring the Muncie plant site of Hemingray that I had gained a great appreciation for the other products made by insulator manufacturers or carry the names of those manufacturers. It's no secret that Hemingray remains at the heart ...                    [more]

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