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Jefferson Junior Journey

   by Howard Banks


Junior Members of the Jefferson State Insulator Club observed President's Day 2001 by hiking into the telegraphic history of southern Oregon.

Five Juniors, ages 11 to 17, hiked Stagecoach Pass near Glendale with two adult guides. The youngsters delighted in finding downed Postal Telegraph poles and broken Postal ...                    [more]


It's Springtime In Washington State!

   by Paul Ziemer


Springtime arrives early in Washington States especially for those of us that live on the southeastern side of the Cascade Mountains. Typically by early April the daffodils are in full bloom. Along with all the flowers blooming it also Signals the beginning of a new garage and yard sale season. Realizing good ...                    [more]


The Columbus Council presents - 60th Anniversary

   by John Keener


I recently purchased a set of Telephone Pioneers commemoratives in an eBay auction. Instead of shipping the insulators, we the seller and I agreed to meet at a centralized location to exchange money and insulators. The seller had purchased the commemoratives in an estate sale in Columbus, Ohio. After concluding ...                    [more]


Mac's Believe It or Not!

   by John McDougald


MOST BLOODY: A CD 106 unembossed Zicme in teal green and a CD 162 H.G.Co./Patent May 2 1893 in cobalt, both with lots of red color streaking.                                                                                 
...                    [more]


Never Too Young

   by Leonard Gibson and Laurie Haney


Using insulators as a teaching tool.

In early 2000, my daughter said that she would like to go to the NIA annual show in Bloomington, MN to keep her mother company, (while shopping at Mall of America), while I did the insulator show.

At the show, while viewing an exhibit ...                    [more]


The Color Corner

   by Ernie Carlson


Hello Everyone, and welcome again to this column on my favorite subject - Color! As you may recall, in my last column I issued the following challenge to insulator clubs: I will donate a Spec-Tru color identification kit to every club that is willing to provide a standard light source for color identification at ...                    [more]


The Human Service Commemoratives

   by Kevin Lawless, Go-With editor


In 1971, the Columbus, Ohio Chapter of the Telephone Pioneers of America, a charitable association of telephone company veteran employees, undertook a large fund-raising project.

In commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Telephone Pioneers, they made three identical insulator molds, similar to ...                    [more]

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