2002 >> May  

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Mac's Believe It or Not!

   by John McDougald


CD 138.9

Although several decades ago several Twin Pin insulators were located by the Millers of Michigan many years ago, there has never been any patent information found regarding the insulator. 

Current owner of the only mint unit, Tommy ...                    [more]


A Trip to the Patent and Trademark Office

   by Rick Soller


For many collectors, the ultimate experience is to dig at an insulator factory site, search an old threadless telegraph line, or poke through the shelves of a utility company but for me it is to roam endless stacks of material in some archive of information. While attending a conference related to my ...                    [more]


New Fred M. Locke Glass Insulator -- CD 247.3

   by Elton Gish


I attended the CBIC show this year in Maryland Line, MD organized by Larry Novak. It was a wonderful show with lots of people crowding the fire hall most of the day. As if it wasn't exciting enough, Ken Wehr walks up with an interesting power insulator that had lots of patent dates circling the top ...                    [more]


Robertson's Patent Battery Insulator

   by Dwayne Anthony


The two battery insulators showcased on this month's magazine cover and in this article, along with a third specimen, were dug approximately two years ago from an outhouse pit in St. Paul, Minnesota. Shortly thereafter, a listing for an "old threadless insulator" appeared on eBay. The text described the ...                    [more]

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