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SCOTT C. CUTTER -- Oswego, Illinois' favorite son designs a tree insulator!

   by Carol McDougald


You can almost imagine the 1904 headlines in the local paper of this rural Illinois town, Oswego, located about 60 miles southwest of Chicago. Scott Cutter was about to hit it big with his patent for an insulator designed to allow installation using the trunks of trees.

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Foreign Insulators

   by Marilyn Albers



This time I have four new insulator styles from Ukraine to show you, thanks to collector Tom Katonak from Corrales, New Mexico, so let's start with the the smallest ones.                                                                
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You Never Know

   by George Toften


My wife, Karen and I have been digging and collecting insulators since 1968. This year was kind of tough for digging due to health problems.

But then I received a phone call from an elderly man about having some insulators at his farm. He had heard from a friend that I collected insulators ...                    [more]


The Telephone Comes to Big Bend National Park

   by Carl Rusk


Ed. Note: Many of you remember Carl Rusk...he was a friend to most of us and he was a special friend of mine! One of the many things I'll remember about Carl was his prolific ability to put together fantastic exhibits. These were great presentations of various facets of the insulator hobby. Almost ...                    [more]

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