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Eye Candy


Some insulators are just fun to admire. Unusual shapes. Surprising Colors. Out of the ordinary. Simply a delight to view. Collectors often call such insulators "eye candy".

Crown Jewels this month features porcelain insulators that fall into the "eye candy" category. The items on the following pages are from the ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


This month I will try to clean out a couple of reported items that we have neglected to report. Both are significant and should have been reported long before now. I get a lot of interesting reports that do not fit in nice neat categories, so maybe we can get a few of them before you this month. And there ...                    [more]


Foreign Insulators

   by Rick Soller


The Last Days of the Canadian Porcelain Company

Incorporated on October 29, 1912, Canadian Porcelain's demise in the 1980s exemplified the changing insulator business that was for so many years a stable industry. The story includes lessons about the dangers of complacency, the cutthroat nature of international competition, and the politics of plant closings.

...                    [more]


"Headin' fer the Hills!"--The Auburn 2002 Show

   by Dwayne Anthony


Traveling about thirty miles east out of Sacramento on the main highway you will enter Auburn, CA, a town of rolling hills and history. Back in 1849 Auburn was just a gold mining camp that was centrally located to other remote gold mining areas. It was the farthest point a wagon could travel from Sacramento. ...                    [more]


Insulator of the Month - SCREAMING YELLOW ZONKER!!!


CD 122 McLaughlin #16 Toll

Every now and then you come across a citrine colored McLaughlin insulator. But very few stand out like this one. Bill Ostrander has a large and marvelous collection of both glass and porcelain insulators. But Bill says that if he ever had to reduce his collection to just one single piece, this "screaming ...                    [more]


   A Magazine for Collectors

Photos from "Crown Jewels of the Wire," February 2003

CJ In Color!

The following photos are from the February 2003 Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine. These have been provided by the publisher ...                    [more]


Kids Corner


Contest for Kids: We are inviting kids to design a logo for "Kids Corner". (You can also choose a different name.) The prize for the winning design will be this fun shaped "Micky Mouse" insulator, a CD 257 Hemingray in near mint condition. It is aqua blue with a cool amber swirl in one ...                    [more]

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