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Letters to the Editor


After the June article on the circular cross arm, Ian MacKy sent the pictures shown here.

Below is the Pierce Circle and Seat, which was used on telephone terminal poles for distributing service wires to consumers. The circle was 41 inches in diameter, and came with either 24 insulator brackets or 48 (as shown). With 48 ...                    [more]


Porcelain Insulator News

   by Elton Gish


In the last PIN that appeared in the April 2003 issue of CJ, we talked about foreign styles made by the R. Thomas & Sons Co. You may recall, the 1925 American Jobbers Supply Co. catalog showed five styles including a "gingerbread man". All of these were made of dry process porcelain. ...                    [more]


Insulator of the Month - Brookfield Signal


Picking a favorite insulator can be tough. Ask Carl Scott of Crescent City, California. Carl has a great collection of California embossed insulators, of threadless glass, and much more (see inset picture on address side of this magazine). But when invited to choose just one for "Insulator of the ...                    [more]


Special Historical Issue


Editor's note: Summer of 1865 brought to America a sense of uncertainty mixed with unlimited expectations. The Civil War had just ended, but tensions ran high as restoration of a torn nation began. The investigation into the assassination of President Lincoln continued, and the world wondered if the government that ...                    [more]


Third Time is a Charm

   By Mike McGuire


"Here's we go again, looking for more CD 151's. Again my wife is at my side as we walk along the tracks deep in the heart of the delta when we spot a suspect pole with the likes of the famed CD 151. With my field glasses in hand I brace myself on the shoulder of my wife and begin to focus in on one of the ...                    [more]

   A Magazine for Collectors

   Photos from "Crown Jewels of the Wire," July 2003

CJ In Color!

The following photos are from the July 2003 Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine. These have been provided by the publisher for those wishing to see a color rendition of the black and white photos ...                    [more]

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