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CANADA 2006 & Bob Scafe's Insulator Ranch - Part I



Historic telegraph lines! A transcontinental railroad! An insulator swap meet!

It didn't take much convincing for me to agree when Linda suggested we travel north to Canada for a vacation adventure this fall. We entered Canada along the ...                    [more]




On page 11 of the November issue of Crown Jewels, Fred Flaig asked readers from information about an unusual insulator. Fred says he received word back right away.

Hi Howard,

Here is a picture, among many, that was sent to me from James Bancroft in the ...                    [more]


CANADA 2006 & Bob Scafe's Insulator Ranch - Part II



Collins Line

No insulator tour of British Columbia could be complete without reference to ...                    [more]




Jeff Bozarth reports finding a no-name, Hemingray-style carnival CD 230. He wants to know if anyone else has one like it. Jeff can be reached at this email address: jeffreybozarth@aol.com, or contact us here at Crown Jewels.                                                                                           ...                    [more]


What's This?


That's what Tee King asked. She I searched the internet to find out what a Chauffeuse was. Tee says the only info she got was from a May 1998 Porcelain Insulator News article in Crown Jewels.

A Chauffeuse of a much more simple design was shown in that article. It had been found with copper wires strung through the holes. ...                    [more]


Roadside Double-Take

   By Chip McElwee


Last summer I made plans to visit friends who live on Seneca Lake (near Watkins Glen) in upstate New York's beautiful Finger Lakes region. Along the way I stopped at some antique stores and wineries to look for insulators and a good bottle of wine to bring as a gift. As I drove past a road side sign I saw the ...                    [more]


Merzoian Brothers Tailgater

   By Bob Merzoian


It was an unbelievably mild and perfect late August day. We couldn't have ordered better weather or had better friends attend our Seventh Annual Merzoian Brothers tailgater. My brother Mark, Dave Brown, and I have come to anticipate this time to share a bit with fellow insulator ...                    [more]



   By Adam Chilcote


Hi, I'm an insulator. I held the wire up on telegraph poles. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll start at the beginning. I was made at a factory on October 8, 1907. I heard about a railroad being built. It needed a way for the workers to communicate. That's what I would do. I would hold the wire on the poles.
...                    [more]

   A Magazine for Collectors

   Photos from "Crown Jewels of the Wire," December 2006

CJ In Color!

The following photos are from the December 2006 Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine. These have been provided by the publisher for those wishing to see a color rendition of the black and white photos ...                    [more]


2006 Huron Valley Bottle & Insulator Club's Show & Sale

   By Michele Kotlarsky


The Huron Valley Bottle & Insulator Club's 31st annual show was held Sunday October 1st, 2006 at the Holiday Inn, Auburn Hills, MI.
...                    [more]



   By James Bancroft


It all started in 1991 when I was on a school camping trip. Crews were replacing the brown insulators on the power lines with grey ones, and they had dumped all the brown ones in a pile behind some bushes where they would come later on and take them away. There were multiparts, suspensions and ...                    [more]



   By Robin Plewes


In this column, Lena Braman has again been good enough to put together a show report on the 2006 WCIC meet that was held in Medicine Hat Alberta.

Western Canadian Insulator Collectors 
6th Annual Show and Sale Wrap-Up July, 2006

...                    [more]





Paul Plunkett was showing off this wonderfully crude, CD 129.4 Mulford & Biddle insulator at the Mid-Ohio show last month. The piece is in very good condition. The indention you see is a major, major underpour. What an ...                    [more]

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