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This picture is not what you think. It is NOT a pole with cross arms. That is NOT a kite. It's really a sculpture on display in Philadelphia.

Rod Phillips reports that Philly this summer has been celebrating Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday, and commemorating his famous experiment involving a ...                    [more]


Insulator Hunting on the Katy Line

   By Howard Banks


She dates back almost to the Civil War. In concept at least. Rails didn't get placed, and locomotives didn't roll into Austin, Texas for another 20 years.

I'm talking about a railroad that became known as the "Katy" line. Officially, the railroad is named the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway ...                    [more]




While in Texas for the National Show this summer, Linda & I were invited to visit the home of Jack & Judy Roach and to view Jack's extensive insulator collection.                                                                                                                                                
...                    [more]





At first glance, this may appear to be a rather nice amber HG Co. beehive. A second look will clue you in that it is not. It's really a rather fantastic CD 145 AMERICAN beehive. It's the (040) embossing style with two dates. Collector ...                    [more]


Porcelain Mystery


Lineman David Kurns is asking readers to help him solve a mystery. He recently found this insulator on a pole in Oregon. Dave said he climbed the pole to recover one insulator, only to find it was damaged. Looking around at what else was on the pole, he found this oddity. Was someone at the factory just ...                    [more]



   By Bob Machann


The 2006 Gulf Coast Bottle & Jar Club show and sale was held on Saturday, June 24, 2006 in the Gulf Coast Ballroom at the Marriott Airport Inn in Houston, Texas. The day was steamy but sunny.

I arrived a little past the 9 a.m. opening time. Barbara Puckett welcomed me ...                    [more]




Say, "Insulator". Photographer David Banks managed to get many of the folks at the Jefferson State Insulator Club Swap Meet to hold still for a minute. Seated are Arlene Jackson, Joann Wood, Doris Banks, & Christy Morrell. Standing in the second row are Tim Wood, Bill Rohde, Howard Banks, ...                    [more]


Did you ever wonder where this insulator came from?

   By Jack Snyder


I haven't seen one for 30 years? A friend just bought it in Toledo this spring at an antique mall. I confirmed his suspicions that it was a fake when he called. These ponies caused quite a stir when they were first "found." Nobody really took credit for finding them. The cobalt ponies that turned up ...                    [more]


East Coast Echoes

   By Lee Brewer


Gregory; yellow CA signal; purple and chartreuse CREB133, Mulford and Biddle, ERW, Emmingers, gray CREB's; Coolie Hat; no-tie porcelain; light sapphire 145 HGCO PETTICOAT; clear CREB138 - aren't these all types of insulators you see at a show the size of a National? Not if you are used to attending Claude ...                    [more]


Kids Korner




I started collecting insulators when I was eight years old, and am now almost 16. My grandmother and I would walk the tracks by my uncles when we were on vacation many times. I had always picked up the railroad spikes, and dad was ...                    [more]

   A Magazine for Collectors

   Photos from "Crown Jewels of the Wire," September 2006

CJ In Color!

The following photos are from the September 2006 Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine. These have been provided by the publisher for those wishing to see a color rendition of the black and white photos ...                    [more]

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